Best Self Tanner 2016

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2016 Best Tanning Lotions

Hey everyone! As I’ve mentioned before, after I got super burned using that other stuff, I went back to using Idol Tan and so glad I did. I forgot just how long the tan lasts (much longer than the other guys) and how much deeper it is, as if you just got back from Hawaii! 🙂

What I’m re-learning is that Idol Tan is that offers you the ability to get a 100% natural looking tan (perfectly every time without smears or creases – unlike the other indoor tanning lotions on the market) without any of the risks of skin cancer. Statistically speaking, suntans are considered to be the number one cause of skin cancer, with over 1.3 million new cases in the U.S. alone last year. Clearly, the best solution to get a great tan without the risks of cancer is to find a sun free solution, which usually means a self-tanning lotion like Idol Tan.

Most self-tanning lotions, unfortunately, are just not up to par. Most of them result in a strange, orange hue that is uneven and leads to a splotchy tan. Some people won’t even notice the difference, but we definitely didn’t like the orange pumpkin look.

Luckily, Idol Tan Tanning Lotion is different from these inferior self tanning lotions. It has a pleasant smell, easy application and very quick drying time.  And the cost of Idol Tan Tanning Lotion versus going to a tanning salon proves that Idol Tan Tanning Lotion is the way to go. We especially liked that Idol Tan Tanning Lotion is also amazingly good at hiding blemishes and cellulite.

Idol Tan Tanning Lotion Reviews Online

Idol Tan Tanning Lotion has a ton of reviews backing up the product’s effectiveness, with most reviewers stating that they felt more confident, even foregoing makeup, as the product easily masked any and all blemishes they had. Since tans help make people appear slimmer, the boost to confidence levels is also unsurprising.

Another Idol Tan Tanning Lotion review stated that the person trying Idol Tan felt sexier because the product enhanced their natural features. It goes without saying that most people feel their appearance improved when they have a tan, even a light one, as it hides imperfections and gives skin a smooth, healthy glow. Reviewers also enjoyed the sensation of soft, velvety skin, due to the moisturizing agents Idol Tan Tanning Lotion contains.

Regarding more practical aspects, another Idol Tan self tanner review stated that it was extremely easy to apply and had a nice smell, unlike most other products on the market that have a strong chemical smell. The color also appeared very natural, with no hint of orange in sight.

Overall, 93% of consumers who were interviewed liked the color, 87% enjoyed the use and 82% felt it was very easy to apply.  It is quite clear that people love using Idol Tan Tanning Lotion for a sunless tan, getting a tan in winter or for those with sensitive skin who burn easily.

Idol Tan also offers an initial free trial of their product so there is absolutely no risk to you for giving this wonderful self-tanner product a try.  We have no doubt that you too will soon be a happy and satisfied customer, as well – with your gorgeous, naturally golden skin.

Thus, I easily give Idol Tan indoor tanning lotion 5 stars. I highly recommend it and hope you do to your friends as well.