About Us

On vacation at the beach with my tanning lotionHi Everyone! I’m Hannah MacLeod and I started Tanning Lotion back in 2001 as I was really getting into figuring out which spray tan self tanner was the best for my skin. There were so many brands on the market and so few online reviews that it just made sense to share my experiences.

Over 15 years later and I’m happy to say that I’m still at it! In fact, every year I try out a bunch of the new tanning lotions just to see how they compare to the ones I’ve learned work the best. Some make my tan darker, but don’t last as long. Some last a whole month, but the tan is barely noticeable. Some look AMAZING the first day and then fade like crazy by the end of the first week. And through it all, I just keep trying the newest ones as they come out and share my results. Why should you have to re-invent the wheel, right? 🙂

So, if you’re looking for the best tanning lotions available on the market, be sure to see our homepage where we feature this year’s best tanning lotions. And as always, if we can answer any questions about the lotions on our website, please drop us an email via our contact form.

Hannah MacLeod

Why I Got Into Tanning Lotions In The 1st Place

putting the best tanning lotion on the market on my shouldersBack in 2001 when I started TanningLotion.net, I was just looking for an awesome tan as quickly as I could get it. I realized back then that the real benefits of tanning lotion were superb, and that there were a ton of different kinds of lotions in the tanning industry in those days. You can quickly and easily buy suntan lotions with cooling effects, bronzers, tingle factor, and pretty much any combination of the 3 mixed together. In fact, did you know that the majority of indoor tanning bed lotions work even better in the real sun?

With the wide selection available, sometimes its hard to determine exactly which one to use. Which is why I give detailed descriptions of all our products so that you can make the right choice when determining which one best fits your needs.

Last, but not least, I also link to over nine hundred different lotions, so you’re going to find a great selection on my site. I also link to a ton of tanning supplies, such as sun block, protective eye ware, bed cleaner, Tanning bulbs, stickers and more.

So, if you want a great tan, then you need one of our great tanning lotions, which IMHO is Idol Tan, which has been around since 2005. With that many years behind them, you know they’re doing something right. Last but not least, I’m also thinking about carrying my own tanning lotions and selling them here on my website. If that ever does come into fruition, rest assured that I’ll only be providing quality tanning oils at next to wholesale prices. At Tanning Lotion you will find only the best sunless tanning supplies and indoor tanning lotions at a large discount. That’s a promise!