Best Self Tanner of 2017

The best spray tan for sunless tanning is hereThe Winner of our 2017 Best Spray Tan is Idol Tan

Over the last 10+ years I’ve tried over 30 different tanning lotions and none of them worked as well as Idol Tan. Sorry to all the other spray tan companies out there! 🙂

What Makes Idol Tan Better Than The Rest?
For those short on time, here’s why Idol Tan is better than all other tanning oils and lotions: (1.) lower cost, (2.) deeper tan, (3.) longest lasting tan and (4.) won’t burn you in a tanning bed.

    • Price: $15 per bottle – 50-66% Cheaper Than The Competition
      Idol Tan is the only self tanner that offers 3 free bottles when you buy 3 bottles. This puts the price per bottle at just $15 a bottle, which is 66% cheaper than the #2 best spray tan (New Sunshine Designer Skin @ $44 a bottle) and 50% less than the #3 best tanning lotion (Australian Gold Jwoww @ $30 a bottle)
    • Deepest Tan: 20% to40% Deeper Than The Competition
      Idol Tan gave me a deeper tan than all the other tanning oils on the market. It literally made me look like I just got off a beach in Tahiti. If I had to give it a rating of some kind, I would say that the sunless tan that Idol Tan gave me was at least 20% deeper than Australian Gold and New Sunshine Designer Skin, 30% deeper than SunGodZ, Millennium Tanning and Ed Hardy’s spray tanner and easily 40% deeper than Fiesta Sun and Brown Sugar.
    • Longest Lasting Tan
      This is what most manufacturers of spray tan and self tanner don’t want you to know… That the vast majority of indoor tanning lotions only last a week! A WEEK! Then it starts to fad so bad that you need to re-apply and of course buy the same tanning oil as last time when you run out. This is how they keep you hooked into buying more and more. And once you start with one brand, they know you’re probably not going to switch to another brand. They got you hooked! Personally, I decided I was just going totry them all and share my results with everyone here. Out of all the major tanning lotions and spray tanners, Idol Tan lasted a whole WEEK longer than the others. In fact, with Idol Tan, my sunless tans last almost a whole month depending on how much scrubbing a do.
    • Best Tanning Bed Lotion
      the wrong tanning bed lotion can burn you
      Use Caution!

      Idol Tan is specifically designed to work incredibly well with tanning beds to give you the deepest, longest lasting tan you can get for the money. This is one aspect I hadn’t taken into consideration when I first started testing out self tanners, that many of them are just not made to work well in a tanning bed. Some will even cause you to get a burn so bad that you might as well have covered your body in Crisco! I used to say here which tanning lotion caused me to get super burned in the tanning bed, but their lawyers sent me a cease and desist letter 🙁 so now I can only show you the picture and tell you that Idol Tan is the only one that I can seriously recommend for use in a tanning bed.

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What Some People Claim To Be The Best Tanning Bed Lotion Burned Me Like Crazy!

As I mentioned above, a couple years ago I tried one of those tanning bed lotions that someone online claimed was “THE BEST” and it burned me so bad that I still have discoloration on my shoulders 🙁 I wrote a looooooong angry post about it here, but the manufacturer had their legal department send me a cease and desist letter that threatened to sue me for basically everything I own, so I took it down. Now I just say DO NOT use any of the well known sunless tanning lotions or this could happen to you as well. Please don’t let this happen to you. Stay safe and stick with Idol Tan.

the wrong tanning bed lotion can burn you